giftEDnz Conference 2012

Friday 30 & Saturday 31 March
Amora Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand


Keynote Presenter Organisation Topic - hyperlinked to Abstract
Jill Bevan-Brown Massey University, NZ Digging Deeper, Flying Higher
Louise Porter Small Poppies International, AUS Conceptually gifted learners

Presenter Organisation Topic - hyperlinked to Abstract
Luther Ashford & Ingrid Frengley-Vaipuna Patea Area School Luther's story: Maori achieving as Maori in a low decile rural NZ school
Carol Barnes New South Wales Association for Gfted and Talented Children Gifted students with learning disability in Australia - Using technology to feed the gift AND support the disabilities
Advocacy for gifted students with learning disability - dealing with "pushy" parents
Charlene Barnett The Gifted Kids Programme Ehara taku tao i te toa takitahi, engari taku toa he toa takitini. My strength is not mine alone it is the strength of many. O le ala i le pule o le tautau. The road to leadership is through service.
Sue Barriball & Deb Green Gifted Kids Making room for talents and passions: Taking a strength based approach to education
Deb Barton, Carolyn English, Adrienne Carlisle, Maree Quill, Bev Harrison & Sue Breen Massey University Get hands on, online - Exploring new resources for gifted and talented education
Angela Bell St Cuthberts College Best fit: Developing a personalised approach to gifted and talented
Lynn Berresford Indigo Assessment and Counselling Centre Psychometric tests for the gifted' - The importance of early identification and understanding the role of diagnostic psychometric assessments for the gifted
Nobody understands a perfectionist': Understanding and meeting the social, emotional and learning needs of a gifted perfectionist
Brenda Bicknell The University of Waikato Competitions and the mathematically gifted
Sue Breen Gifted Education Centre Quick, simple effective ways to cater for very bright children in the early
Sue Breen & Vanessa Cathie Gifted Education Centre Identifying giftedness in young children and 'where to from here'? How to better cater for them within their regular pre-school or school environment.
Sue Breen & Vanessa Cathie Gifted Education Centre Using multiple intelligences in the classroom
Sue Bufton Gifted Kids Problem centred learning for gifted mathematicians
Sue Bufton Gifted Kids Reaching the Pinnacle: Student control of quality thinking
Karen Bush Tairawhiti REAP The Cluster Team: A model of collaboration and collegiality in New Zealand gifted and talented education (2003-2008)
Deb Clark Gifted Kids Why Year 4 is too late
Amy Cornelisen Garin College Using the International Stock Market Game
Liz Coster Christchurch Operation Houndstooth in an environmental setting
Steve Cutler University of Otago Creatures, costumes and cryptic creations; Integrating social activities within an intensive science programme for gifted students
Roz Dakin, Carol Gibson & Robyn Harawira Eastbay REAP Te Ara Kura a Tane: Realising potential of gifted learners. Telling our stories - Eastbay REAP
Mark Dashper The University of Auckland Build it and they will come: Meeting student, whanau and community needs with webcasting presentations
Jo Dean Ruahine Kindergarten Association Using learning stories as an assessment tool to document gifted children
What it looks like to see a young child displaying gifted characterisitcs and a learning schema
Jo Dean, Carola Sampson & Annette Preston & Vanessa Cathie Making meaningful links to gifted children's learning
Anne Devlin The Gifted Education Centre Social skills and gifted children
Jennie Douglas LuluCo International Pty Ltd Feelings matter! Why educators can't afford to ignore social and emotional learning any longer.
Ann Easter The University of Waikato Going to Uni at 13: Experiences of students who enter university early in Aotearoa New Zealand
Deborah Fraser The University of Waikato Depression and Creativity: Liberation from the Noonday Demon
Lynda Garrett The University of Auckland, Faculty of Education A case of 'Great Expectations? Comparisons between teacher expectations for young gifted and non-gifted readers, and student self-perceptions
Gay Gilbert Hillcrest Normal School 'Ask the Children'
Deb Green, Sue Williams, Robyn Wills & Veena Vohra Future Problem Solving & Mission Heights Primary School Future Problem Solving - Opening doors to imagination, ingenuity and creativity. A programme for gifted students: posing authentic problems, promoting positive futures.
Leeana Herewini & Laura Hawksworth The University of Waikato He tirohanga ihumanea
Tracey Hopkins & Shirley Tyson Hukanui Primary School Delivering and sustaining the big ideas in a 'real world' gifted and talented context
Jane Johnston Wellington Association for Gifted Children Meet the PARENTS - Tips for teachers for successful partnerships with home
Kate Niederer Cognition Education Help at your fingertips: A guide to gifted and talented online resources
Elaine Le Sueur Gifted Education Services Teach it fast and make it last
Table Talk
Susan Luus Queensland University of Technology Self-presentation and underachievement among young adolescents identified as gifted
Valerie Margrain & Sarah Farquhar Massey University Gifted Education in the Early Years: A 2011 Survey of Education for Gifted Children Under 8 Years of Age in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Valerie Margrain Massey University Consultation - A New Zealand book proposal to support gifted education in the early years
Sue McLachlan Hagley Community College Moodle and MyPortfolio for the Gifted
Sue McLachlan Hagley Community College The exceptionally/profoundly gifted student in early childhood education
Sara Meadows The Gifted Education Centre Apple, avocado or acerola? The fruitful use of analogy in working with, and on behalf of, gifted learners
Anna Meuli & Madelaine Armstrong Gifted Kids Building self understanding and personal empowerment
Anna Meuli & Sue Barriball Gifted Kids Building in abstraction and complexity
Graeme Miller Hamilton Boys' High School Gifted and talented Maaori and Pasifika students: Issues in their identification, programme and pastoral care provision
Harvey Molloy Newlands College How to grow poets
Errol Moore University of Otago College of Education Teaching musically gifted children: What kinds of expertise?
Vicki Needham University of Canterbury Are you meeting the social and emotional needs of your gifted and talented learners?
Jilly O'Brien Cromwell College Faces of the future: A high performance programme for talented year 13 students
Sue Ogden Rangi Ruru Girls' School A practical approach to formulating and running a GATE programme
Dinah O'Meara Mount Maunganui College Flying the Flag - A process for leading in-school GATE PD using the Teacher Inquiry Model
Eldon Pascoe & Angela Foulds-Cook The Southport School A practical pathway to excellence in Gifted Education
Margot Phillipps Science Olympia NZ Science Olympia NZ
Louise Porter Small Poppies International Resilence in gifted learners
Tracy Riley Massey University Sharing professionals' best practices for working with twice-exceptional learners
Vivienne Russell The University of Auckland Transformational leadership: Gifted Maori students and their parents and whanau leading the way in English-medium secondary schools
Carola Sampson Heretaunga Kindergarten Association Gifted young children in early childhood
Jay Sloss Rangi Ruru Girls' School Just add water Philosophy - how to get Philosophy up and running at your school
Mary St George The Gifted Education Centre Networking with the online gifted community
Louise Tapper University of Canterbury Conceptions of giftedness in a global, modern world: Where are we at in Aotearoa New Zealand, 2012?
In the mire of mediocrity': Understandings about achievement and underachievement for gifted and talented students.
Brenda Thorrington Greenhithe Primary School / Browns Bay Primary School Differentiation: Theory and practice for working with gifted and talented learners during the primary years
Effective communication between teachers and parents of gifted children
Charlotte Tweedale Waikato Diocesan School for Girls The Advanced Learning Programme - Current practice at Waikato Diocesan School for Girls
Janna Wardman The University of Auckland Full-year acceleration: The road not taken
Liz Waterfall Glendowie College "Stay hungry; Stay foolish"- Lessons for GATE professional learning in New Zealand
Susan Weekes Futureintech Futureintech: A free resource that supports and extends your teaching in the science, maths and technology curriculum
Melinda Webber The University of Auckland Gifted Maori: Multiple identities, multiple pathways
Sonia White Gifted Education consultant, Auckland Key elements in developing unit plans that cater for gifted learners
Teaching caring thinking to young leaders: Empowering students to make a difference
Sue Williams & Toby Stokes Fendalton Open-Air School Practical Strategies: Differentiated learning for Gifted Students in mixed ability classes
Sue Williams Teachers HELPING teachers - Teaching GIFTED students'; How it happens, see it happen, make it happen. Practical regional professional development
Melanie Wong & Valerie Margrain Manukau Institute of Technology Myths and misconceptions about teaching gifted children in the early years education