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AGM 2012

The Board of giftEDnz: The Professional Association for Gifted Education invites all current members and anyone who is interested and involved in the education of gifted and talented learners to attend our 2012 Annual General Meeting. However, only current financial members of giftEDnz are entitled to vote.

Date:           Friday, 30 March 2012           
Time:          5.15 pm                             
Venue:       Amora Hotel, Wakefield Street, Wellington


The Board of giftEDnz is now calling for notices of motion for the AGM, in accordance with our Constitution. Notice of any items of business or motions for the AGM should be forwarded in writing to the Chairperson by 15 March 2012. Only valid motions will be accepted. Supporting information is welcomed.

Please address all correspondence to: The Chairperson, giftEDnz, P.O. Box 12067, Rotorua South 3045 or giftednz@gmail.com


Online voting to elect the Chairperson and four (4) members of the Board of giftEDnz will open on Thursday 15 March and close at 4.00 pm on Friday 30 March 2012. Please note that only the named primary contact person for each institution has voting rights.

Online voting will also be available for members attending the Giftedness Unfurled: Fostering Best Practice conference in Wellington on Friday 30 March.

To view the candidates’ profiles, please click here (PDF 252KB).

To access the online voting form, please click on the following link:

To vote, you will need to enter your six-digit giftEDnz membership number. This has been sent to all current financial members who are eligible to vote in an individual email.

The election results will be announced at our AGM to be held at 5.15 pm on Friday 30 March, 2012, at the Amora Hotel, 170 Wakefield Street, Wellington. Votes will be scrutinised by representatives of e-events.